Font Awesome React Typescript

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Font Awesome React Typescript. Welcome to the new tutorial where we'll gonna use bootstrap with react.js. This video is not for experts or masters in react native.

Handlettering designs by Juantastico Loghi, Lettere
Handlettering designs by Juantastico Loghi, Lettere from

In this friday project we will build a star rating interface that takes a javascript object of 4k tvs with some ratings and transform it into a ui with font. Font awesome is 675 vector scalable icons in 1 font for free. This tutorial explains how to install and use it.

I used react, typescript, context api, react hooks and css variables to achieve desired result.

How to integrate font awesome in react? In this video, we add a twitter icon and tweet out our quote on icon click. This is simply an introduction to making a new discord bot in typescript and getting started with a web dashboard. If you loved using the icons th.