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How Scale Svg. Change width and height in XML format. It can be used to create lines curves arcs and more.

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When developing with SVG it can often be difficult to scale SVG objects when the containing frame or even the entire browser window changes size. Open the SVG file with your text editor. Given the flexibility of SVG images theres a lot to keep in mind when using them as background images with the background-image property and even more to keep in mind when also scaling them using the background-size property.

Paths create complex shapes by combining multiple straight lines or curved lines.

The preserveAspectRatio attribute indicates how an element with a viewBox providing a given aspect ratio must fit into a viewport with a different aspect ratio. Defines a coordinate system having x0 y0 width100 units and height100 units. It will show lines of code like the following. For that you need to change the width and height attributes.