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Search any wallpaper on popular images.

Is-svg Npm. Is-svg is a npm component included in the Tidelift Subscription Tidelift is working with the maintainers of is-svg and thousands of other projects to provide application development teams with customizable catalogs of known-good proactively maintained open source. Installation npm install marionette-svg-behavior --save or.

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Skip to package search or skip to sign in. Check if a string or buffer is SVG. Versions prior to 2243 can be accessed on npm via mdi-svg.

This plugin loads the SVG image from your server using jQuery AJAX and puts the entire contents of the SVG image into your view.

Skip to package search or skip to sign in. The npm package fortawesomefree-brands-svg-icons receives a total of 380372 downloads a week. It is advised to use Dashboard version 2163 or above. 7 years ago.