Jennifer Maker Shadow Box Flowers

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Jennifer Maker Shadow Box Flowers. Line up the shadow box front with the shadow box back, being careful to match both pieces perfectly. These paper blossoms could be a flat lay decoration, could be a sweet spring shadow box, or could be enlarged.

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Use the measuring tape to find the right spot on the wall, mark it with your pencil, and then hammer away. Adhere the cut fence to the front of the spring decoration shadow box using hot glue. Add leaves if you want to.

I love creating paper art you can do so much with it and it it amazes me how versatile it is like how you can layer paper to create a three d scene like this right here.

I like this textured set because it flexes easily and holds a curl in the. Size your paper flower pattern to your shadow box. There’s just something magical about paper flowers. Liberty street, suite 500 ann arbor, mi 48103