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Mathjax Html Vs Svg. As machine learning engineers or mathematicians being able to use LaTeX to write math equations is a must for publishing our work on the web. Currently if on the client browser the user had last selected HTML-CSS as the renderer via the math menu then whenever 1 fails mathjax is falling back to 3 skipping 2.

Reveal Js With Mathjax
Reveal Js With Mathjax from

The options below control the operation of the SVG output processor that is run when you include outputsvg in the load array of the loader block of your MathJax configuration or if you load a combined component that includes the CommonHTML output jax. And if the user had last selected SVG as the renderer then HTML-CSS is no longer the first preferred choice ie. The SVG output processor uses Scalable Vector Graphics to render the mathematics on the page.

If you can put the ones that should use HTML-CSS in one or several container elements and the SVG ones in another container element and the containers.

You can delete the cookie to remove the setting or use the MathJax menu again to select SVG rendering. You can do stuff like this without lifting an eyelash. To set any of these options include an svg section in your. There is not built-in method for this.