React Native Art Vs Svg

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React Native Art Vs Svg. In react native we cannot directly display the SVG format image. React-native-svg library provides SVG supporting React elements.

React Native Chart
React Native Chart from

React Native NanoVG There is a library called NanoVG which provides an OpenGL implementation for drawing shapes with a nice interface similar to React Native ART ie. 6 Dec 2018 4 min read React Native SVG Image ClipPath. However when I change the widthheight properties the icon does not scale down it just gets clipped off outside of the 16x16 box.

Afterward you can import SVG files the same way as React components as you did before with SVGR.

SVGR Templates for advanced SVGs. I posted another solution react-native-vector-icons here. The Svg element from react-native-svg seems to only accept absolute width and height attributes Ive tried using percentages but nothing renders and debugging confirms that percent values are NSNull by the time they get to the native view. React-native-vector-icons is the best approach to deal with SVG in react-native its also works in iOS and android.