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Svg For Blender. As we import the image it will become a curve object. Blender-addonsgit io_curve_svg 2019-09-27.

Youtube Blender Tutorial Creative Art Blender 3d
Youtube Blender Tutorial Creative Art Blender 3d from

Probably a user error but definitely not very intuitive at the moment. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about blender outline svg. If you cant see the imported curves in 3D VIEW use the Outliner to select them and scale.

We then browse for the SVG file we need to import.

Im having problem creating an 3D logo from a SVG 2D logo. Blender seems to usually import them as multiple Curve Objects rather than just one. This means that of course there is major Z-fighting going on between the multiple Objects. Fix D4319 scaling of svg in different page scales.