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Svg For Latex. No desktop software like Microsoft Word OpenOffice or Adobe Acrobat. During the conversion from SVG to LaTeX as Inkscape carries out all the positions are changed to absolute X Y values thus your alignments are lost in the conversion as it does not recognize it.

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In TeXworks and many other editors this can be done without all the rigmarole of adjusting the system. And a pdf_tex file containing the following. CreatingtheimagewithInkscape The image can be drawn as usual in Inkscape see figure1.

Includesvg apparently treats text in your figure independently so that it is rendered by LATEX by default.

Quote from the documentation. Source code available on GitHub. If the LaTeX sty doesnt work with svg package convert SVG to EPS instead. Probably the best way to solve this is to change the option inkscapelatex to false.