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Svg For Xcode. SVG support is a great addition introduced in Xcode 12 during WWDC 2020. In Xcode 12 SVGs appear to remain intact allowing for higher-quality assets to be displayed.

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To get a clean crisp and pristine SVG image in Xcode there is a hidden gem which I am going to show you in this. The service can also generate image sizes needed for Android Windows Unity and other platforms. The most exciting part of this new feature is that theres not much to say its full SVG support and it just works.

This service works with both normal app images and app icons alike.

SVGs are not always the right choice as theyre only supported from iOS 13 and later iPadOS 13 and later and macOS 1015 and later. Starting from Xcode 12 SVG support was added in xcassets file. Xcode 12 is required but deployment targets of iOS 13 iPadOS 13 macOS 1015 or later are supported. Cairosvg iconsvg -o iconpdf.