Svg Icon For React

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Svg Icon For React. 2 - Add require of fonts for webpack in your indexjs file. An SVG can be used as the source of an img HTML tag.

Building Svg Icons With React Icon Svg Building
Building Svg Icons With React Icon Svg Building from

We recommend to use react-native-svg package. In this section we will start by generating SVG icons manually for your React application. Yarn add react-icons or npm install react-icons --save Once its completed we should be ready to use it in our project.

As part of features added to the new version of create-react-app v2 we can now import SVGs as React components.

Get free React icons in iOS Material Windows and other design styles for web mobile and graphic design projects. By Matt StowNov 01 20164 mins to read. To get started with react-icons we want to install it in our project. Npm run jsx npm run build The xmlns Attribute in React.