Svg Icons Vs Font Awesome

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Svg Icons Vs Font Awesome. Sometimes we need to use fontawesome icons only for a social section or a single section, it that case using fontawesome is a really bad idea. Icon fonts are useful, but these days it's often better to replace them with svgs.

1280 Speech Bubble Clip Art MultiColored Comic Speech
1280 Speech Bubble Clip Art MultiColored Comic Speech from

Tim also shares a free set of icons you can download from. Because it will increase your website loading time. It is possible to use svgs or their font awesome f.

Firefox and many browsers do not work cdn f.

How to remove top menu item and font awesome icon in wordpress menu?helpful? Font awesome recommends you to use font awesome by downloading and embed it to your website instead of using cdn. We can add icons to drupal menu using 'font awesome icons' and 'menu attributes' modules. Font awesome provides free vector icons for your photoshop projects.