Svg Not Showing In Chrome

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Svg Not Showing In Chrome. Imagesatlaxysettings-deletesvg When we host this site on IIS then svg image is not visible but another image format is visible. Using an svg element.

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Strangely it shows the SVG images if the image URL is put in the address bar. So you get plugin First and try do access Share Improve this answer. The problem is that Firefox does not show SVG images with CSS background-image etc.

I have set the data category to image URL but its still showing the broken image.

Make sure your svg image does not have this xlinkhrefdataimagepngbase64 if so change it to this xlinkhrefdataimagepngbase64. Using the SVG image as background image. BTW I have tested the SVG code as shown. The SVG logo on my site is not showing up on firefox it works fine on Chrome Egde safari.