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Svg Of Comparison. Generally do not look good on high qualityhigh-density screens unless you oversize. BASIS OF COMPARISON.

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If however you do wish to perform vector comparisons perhaps your data is constrained in a manner that makes this more viable the simplest may be to first normalise both SVGs convert all shapes to paths eliminate all metadata apply inheritance of all properties and normalise their values normalise path data to always use the same form etc and use this for two purposes. Low levels of flow with a markedly decreased diastolic phase and the oscillating pattern in systole re. Scalable Vector Graphics.

Generally looks great on super-high pixel density screens like most modern smartphones.

Undoubtedly SVG imports are super crisp and full of vectory goodness when imported into a Storyline file though I do find that occasionally the scaling might be a little bit off on the height factor for some reason. Get yours from 560 possibilities. Being scalable has the advantage of letting you increase or decrease a vector image. SVG is a lossless format meaning it does not lose any data when compressed renders an unlimited number of colors and is most commonly used for graphics and logos on the web and for projects that will be viewed on.