Svg Tiny 1.2 Vs Svg 1.1

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Svg Tiny 1.2 Vs Svg 1.1. As a result selecting either of these options does not guarantee that the SVG file will be viewable on all small devices. SVG is a markup language scalable vector graphics created by World Wide Web Consortium W3C designed for describing two-dimensional vector and mixed vector raster graphics in XML.

A Guide To Inkscape Svg Tests
A Guide To Inkscape Svg Tests from

Backwards compatibity means that content conforming to SVG 11 or SVG Tiny 12 will render the same in conforming SVG 20 user agents as it did in older conforming SVG implementations. A few key differences from earlier versions of SVG should be noted. I wouldnt worry too much about SVG Tiny 12 validation since all the major browsers mostly do SVG 11 anyway so validate against SVG 11 instead and you should be fine.

The implementation report was created following the SVG Tiny 12 test fest was held Sept 29 - Oct 2 2008 in Ottawa Canada.

SVG 12 Tiny CR Implementation Report. SVG Tiny 12 is a subset of SVG 11 with several additions. Getting these additions is interesting but it will be a big problem for us if SVG 11 features that are not in SVG Tiny 12 are deprecated eg. SVG Tiny 12 is a backwards compatible upgrade to SVG Tiny 11 SVGM11.