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Svg Vs Canvas Tags. However after digging a little deeper into actual use cases its clear that Canvas outperforms SVG. SVG literally has a element which is accessible and visually crisp unlike canvas where text is typically blurry.

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SVG is XML based which means that every element is available within the SVG DOM. In SVG each drawn shape is remembered as an object. Posted on April 3 2011 March 6 2012 Categories Web Applications Tags benchmarks browsers canvas chrome firefox html5 performance safari svg 3 Comments on SVG vs Canvas Performance Proudly powered by WordPress.

If youre curious heres a raytracer application in action by Mark Webster.

Simply put Canvas is where you paint your UI using brush much like in physical word. Canvas gives better performance with smaller surface or larger number of objects. As a result every SVG element is appended to the Document Object Model DOM and can be manipulated using a combination of JavaScript and CSS. 4 At first glance SVG seems like a strong contender.