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Svg Vs Wmf. The pdf svg and wmf formats are lossless - they resize without fuzziness or pixelation. Supports both and animated interactive graphics and declarative scripting.

Pin On Greedy Stitches
Pin On Greedy Stitches from

The WMF simply looks awful at the large size rasterised jagged edges but it does maintain the same fuzziness of the PNG at the smaller size. This is especially noticeable when small images are enlarged. SVG is a markup language scalable vector graphics created by World Wide Web Consortium W3C designed for describing two-dimensional vector and mixed vector raster graphics in XML.

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Enhanced Metafile is an enhanced 32-bit metafile used primarily as a graphics language for printing. EMFWMF formats been developed and extensively supported by Microsoft and it is the native Vector File format for Microsoft Office applications so many Companies have lots of WMFEMF files. All these files contain vector and font instructions for how to draw the graph. Windows Metafile is an image file format originally designed for Microsoft Windows in the 1990s.