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What Is The Svg Logo. I went to the Customiser section and selected the new SVG for both logo and retina logo. Sample Logo Created by SVGlogomaker 28880 Logos Created with SVG Logo Maker Need help resizing and uploading your SVG logo so it fit perfectly to your site.

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A logo is more than just ink slapped on a piece of paper. And thats exactly what you want from a logo if your business requires a large format printing like a T-shirt a signboard or a sandwich board. SVG is an eXtensible Markup Language XML -based vector graphic format for the Web and other environments.

More specifically a vector graphic is an artwork made up of points lines and curves that are based upon mathematical equations rather than solid colored square pixels.

If you want to create an animation on your site where your logo is enlarged for example you have to use this format in order for it to remain high quality and sharp. XML uses tags like HTML although its stricter. In SVG graphic elements are perfectly scalable and retain their high quality even during editing. SVG logo mobile display.