When To Use Svg Vs Png

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When To Use Svg Vs Png. High-resolution screens multiple viewports and a need to have a snappy website have made it a much more complex process. Lets dive into the pros and cons of each of these formats.

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Using SVG in place of most other formats will massively reduce the overall page load on your website and therefore the user experience. Replace PNG with SVG for simple line. Next are mock-up images.

So what should you use.

In this tutorial I will show you the differences that you will come across when uploading and working with SVG Files and PNG Files in Cricut Design SpaceLov. You will still need PNG images for older platforms so the ideal workflow is to have vector-based source images that you export to PNG for various DPI buckets and convert to VectorDrawable format for API 21 devices using a project like svg2android. If your current graphics not pictures are JPG PNG or GIF then you should replace it with SVG. Just dont be put off if you encounter an individual SVG to be double the file size of a PNG equivalent.