Why Does My Csgo Feel Weird

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Why Does My Csgo Feel Weird. Let me say this. Why does my CSGO look so weirdlast csgo video.

Sapphire Butterfly Knife Cs Go Butterfly Blade
Sapphire Butterfly Knife Cs Go Butterfly Blade from www.pinterest.com

One of the symptoms of MS is paresthesia or strange sensations including numbness tingling and prickling. These can occur in various parts. And is there a way to fix it beside having.

Call me dumb or whatever u want but there is something definetely wrong with this game not sure are they aware of it do they even want to fix itSometimes as game doesnt want to let you win enemies eating bullets straight up recoil feeling super weird desync.

If so you may have restless legs syndrome RLS a neurological disorder. Just give valorant 1 week time and u never go back to go. SteelSeries Rival if anyone knows a fix to a similar issue it would be gladly appreciated. Thisll be like a little story but yours might be the same with me.