Why Is Svg Blurry

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Why Is Svg Blurry. Is the image still blurry in your PDF. SVG relies on vectors or lines and shapes instead of pixels.

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Were using Word as part of the Office 365 Business on the monthly channel currently version 1906 build 1172720244. Weve been encountering an issue with printing documents containing SVG images recently. The image should nto look blurry if it does than this was exported with too much compression and you will need to go back to the original image always keep a backup inpsd format which is a nonlossy format.

In the CSS change the 300px value until your logo displays at the size you want.

Again dont worry about blurriness just edit it until it takes up the right amount of space on the site. The id attribute of the element defines a unique name for the filter. You should separate your svg file into 2 different paths. The exact reason has to do with the resolution of modern screens.